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Cash Accountability Webinar: How 5 Minutes A Day Can Increase Your Bottom Line!

Cantaloupe Systems Seed Pro offers vending operators the ability to manage their cash accounts on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. This webinar will take you through an overview of the Seed platform, challenges with cash accountability that many vending operators face today, why cash accountability is important and then Jason will take us into a demo of Seed Pro to show you how to manage cash accounts. Our guest speaker, Jared Detwiler with One Source Office Refreshment Services, will speak about their results after they started tracking and managing their cash better and he will share some of his best practices for other vending operators alike. Lastly, we will conclude with Jason's overall best practices and then answer some questions from the audience. This 50 minute webinar is a great way to start learning how to take control of your operations and most importantly start managing your cash that is going in and out of your vending business.